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After just one week from having our site redesigned an optimised, we landed a brand new contract worth over 10,000!

We couldn't have asked for anything more!

Mr Jack Swan
Gamidor TS

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation plays a major part in the success of any website, and if your website focus' on e-commerce then good search engine rankings are vital.

At Spikey Cactus we have years of experience of successfully optimising website had have effectively optimised websites for clients in some of the internet's most highly competitive markets.

Ethical Search Engines Optimisation (SEO)
- optimising website the right way

At Spikey Cactus we only use ethical search engine optimisation techniques with optimising our websites.

We don't use any "quick gain" or "spam" techniques in an attempt to get quick results.
Instead we rely on good old fashioned, hard work and knowledge.

At spikey cactus we do not use any of the following techniques:

The benefits for our customers is that they know they won't get blacklisted from the search engines, and that their results will be a lot more stable and more reliable in the long run.

Top Tip: Choosing the right company to optimise your website can be tricky - especially if you are new to website optimisation, or not "technically minded".

However, we make every effort to ensure that all of our clients (even potential ones!) have access to the very best information available to help them make the right decision.

Therefore, even if you decide not to have your website optimised with ourselves, we would encourage you to avoid any company which says that they do not need access to your pages in order to optimise your website, as they will almost certainly be using spam techniques.

Kieran and Jo Thomas
(Spikey Cactus)

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