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Accessibility Policy

At Spikey Cactus Web Design we actively encourage and promote "website accessibility" and endeavour to make all of our clients websites (and our own website) as accessible as possible.

Text Size

Wherever possible, we have used "relative" font size which allow you to resize the text for your level of comfort.

The following explains how to do this in some of the most common browsers:

Access Keys

The Spikey Cactus website supports access keys which allow users to access the main areas of our site without the use of a mouse.

The Spikey Cactus site uses the following access keys.

Description Access Key
Spikey Cactus Home Page
About us
Free Website Appraisal Service
Contact us
Accessibility Information
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Wherever possible we have tried to avoid using any images to display content. However, any image which has been used to display content will also contain an alt attribute which ensures users to still have access to the content.

Any images which do not contain any important information or content will contain an empty alt attribute.


All of our forms include fieldsets, legends which help to clearly define different parts of the form. Labels have been used to make clear associations between a form item and it's corresponding input.


This site only uses tables for displaying "Tabular" data and does not use tables for layout purposes.

Need more information?

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our accessibility policy please don't hesitate to contact us.